Here are some samples of my most recent work.
Window Fashions and Design Website
Interior Designer
RMNP Demo Website
Park Visitor Portal
Artist Website
Artist Nathaniel Poole
I provide professional Website Design and Web Information System Design.
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Sample Contract What is a
Web Information System?
A Web Information System (WIS) is a concept that goes beyond a traditional website. It consists of your data, held securely in the cloud, that you and your customers can access and utilize through an engaging and easy to use web interface. A WIS is comprised of a "front-end", or a public and/or internal facing website, and a "back-end", or the database securely held in the cloud. Let's say that you are a small business owner who runs a small t-shirt shop. You would use your WIS to keep track of all your sales data, customer data, and inventory data. You would use your internal website to enter and display your data, and your customers would use the external website to register their user accounts, and to view and shop your inventory.

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You will be surprised at how affordable an engaging and easy-to-use web presence can be!
My name is Christopher Erskine, and I am a professional web designer.   I have been working in web design and development for more than 10 years.   I hold a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science, and a Master of Applied Science Degree in Information and Communications Technology, with concentrations in Web Design and Database Development.
Other positions I have held throughout my professional career include:
  • US Navy - Officer, Helicopter Pilot, Leadership Instructor
  • Small Business Owner
  • National Chain Retail Store Manager
  • Performance Management Consultant
  • Distribution Center Department Manager
  • Emergency Services - Supervisor and Dispatcher